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There is an urgent, global need for medical coding professionals. With AAPC, you can be trained and job-ready in as little as 4 months. All the training is done at home, on your own schedule, at your own pace. No medical background or education is required. You will learn what a Medical Coding job entails, how to get started, and how to continue to advance your career after you are certified.

And as an added bonus, if you register for our CPC training course within two days of your orientation session, you’ll receive a discount of 20%.

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Train + certify in 4 months

Train + certify in 4 months

No medical experience required

No medical experience required

Learn at home + at your own pace

Learn at home + at your own pace

Thousands of Job Openings for Medical Coding & Billing Professionals


AAPC has certified more medical coders and billers than any other organization in the world. As the industry gold standard, AAPC certifications demonstrate a healthcare professional’s expertise. It is a stamp of authenticity, recognized — and sought out — by medical organizations worldwide.

When you become a member of AAPC, you join a network of 250,000+ members who are available to answer your questions, provide support and connect you with new opportunities.

It was important to me that I keep my day job while going through the AAPC program because I have to live, I have to pay my bills and AAPC's online program allowed me to do that and then positioned me for career growth.

Jim R.
Jim R. AAPC Graduate

I think AAPC catapulted my career field in the healthcare industry, it really helped me because I’m very successful at what I do.

Denise L.
Denise L. AAPC Graduate

What AAPC does is it gives you those fundamentals, it gives you that foundation to know how to do it, and then not only be able to pass a certification exam, but also to be successful.

Kathryn W.
Kathryn W. AAPC Graduate