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AAPC Professional Certification
Your Passport to a Career in Medical Coding

Earning your Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) credential, the most recognized and respected medical coding certification in the healthcare industry, will be one of the smartest decisions of your life. Why struggle in a dead-end job? You can start your training now and, in just 16 weeks, be ready for your career as a respected and well-paid professional coder.

Take your first step today—and get unbeatable benefits when you train with AAPC:

  • Learn from the creators of the CPC exam. Get world-class training and earn a prestigious AAPC certification known by employers worldwide to be held by only by the best professionals in the field.
  • No hidden fees. Everything you need — the latest textbooks, the CPC exam, and your AAPC membership — is included in the course.
  • Improved test performance. AAPC students are twice as likely to pass the exam compared to those who study with third-party organizations.
  • Local support. Learn in an interactive classroom with expert instructors ready to answer your questions and guide you past any hurdles you might encounter in the coursework.

Know What to Look for in a Prep Course

Ensure your certification is backed by quality training—because potential employers certainly will.
Consider these factors when choosing a program:

Current Offerings

CPC Preparation Course

Get certified in 16 weeks and launch your career in medical coding! By training with AAPC, you can be sure you’ve received a comprehensive and effective education. In fact, taking your training through AAPC means you are far more likely to pass the CPC exam than through other programs.

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Pre-Exam Prep Workshop

Take your CPC exam with full confidence! You’ll boost your chances of passing with a thorough review led by one of our exam experts. Learn vital strategies, reinforce key concepts, and ensure you’re equipped to avoid commonly missed questions.

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