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Decipher This Transcatheter Scenario

Question: My cardiologist cleaned the site over the blood vessel with an antiseptic solution, then they initially performed a needle puncture of the affected vessel. Using fluoroscopic guidance, they advanced a catheter with an infusion tip inside the vessel, using a guidewire. My cardiologist then infused a thrombolytic drug at the site of the clot to dissolve the clot. Finally, they closed the incision site, sutured the incision, and applied a compression bandage. Which CPT® codes should I report on my claim?

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Answer: You should report 37211 (Transcatheter therapy, arterial infusion for thrombolysis other than coronary or intracranial, any method, including radiological supervision and interpretation, initial treatment day) on your claim. You should report 37211 for the initial treatment day.

Don’t miss: Code 37211 includes the radiological supervision and interpretation that the provider performs.