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Solve Remote Device Evaluation Conundrum

Question: My cardiologist evaluated the physiologic data from the patient’s implantable cardiovascular physiologic monitoring system via telemetric communication, using printed reviews. They reviewed weight, systemic blood pressure, cardiac output, and intrathoracic impedance measurements. My cardiologist critically reviewed the data captured from interrogation device evaluation by assessing the appropriateness of the system function and evaluated the safety of the current programmed parameters to determine whether the device functions normally. The reporting period was 20 days. I’m not sure how to report this scenario. Can you please help me?

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Answer: You should report 93297 (Interrogation device evaluation(s), (remote) up to 30 days; implantable cardiovascular physiologic monitor system, including analysis of 1 or more recorded physiologic cardiovascular data elements from all internal and external sensors, analysis, review(s) and report(s) by a physician or other qualified health care professional) for your scenario.

Since 93297 represents the professional component of the service only per the code descriptor, you should not append modifier 26 (Professional component).

Remember: Report 93297 only once per 30 days, according to CPT®.