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Put Prolonged QTc Question to Rest

Question: Which ICD-10-CM code should I use for a prolonged QTc interval?

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Answer: The correct ICD-10-CM code is I45.81 (Long QT syndrome).

Long QT syndrome affects the heart’s electrical system and can result in a rapid heartbeat and fainting. The QT interval is an indirect measure of the duration of the ventricular action potential (depolarization) and ventricular refractory period (repolarization). The length of the QT interval depends on the patient’s heart rate. Therefore, the QT interval is usually corrected for the heart rate and denoted as “QTc.”

Tip: Don’t stop your scan of the ICD-10 Index too early when searching for this code. Before you get to the entry for “Prolonged, QT interval,” you’ll see the entry for “Prolonged, Interval,” which points to I44.0 (Atrioventricular block, first degree). Be sure you choose the correct code for the prolonged QT interval.

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