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Narrow Down Your Coding Options for Debulking Services

Question: Patient with recurrent ovarian cancer with previous TAH/BSO undergoes new surgery for excision of 6.7 x 4.8 x 3.3 cm pelvic mass attached not only to the lesser pelvic sidewall but also to the rectosigmoid. Serosa of the rectosigmoid was removed along with the mass to get a negative margin and the muscle of the rectosigmoid appeared not to be involved and were preserved. Rectosigmoid defect was repaired.

I am thinking of reporting 49204 for removal of the mass. Or because its recurrent ovarian cancer, would I code 58957?

He also removed several (about 10), what the Doctor called “nodules” from the liver, rectum and sigmoid that were anywhere from 3.4 cm to 1.9 cm in size. How would those be coded?

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Answer: Code 58957 (Resection [tumor debulking] of recurrent ovarian, tubal, primary peritoneal, uterine malignancy [intra-abdominal, retroperitoneal tumors], with omentectomy, if performed) would be best. What he is doing is tumor debulking which means removing as many visible tumors as possible wherever they are located.

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