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All O Codes Will Require Gestational Age

Question: If a patient says she has a complete AB, do we need to list the week’s gestation diagnosis code on top of the normal code in ICD-10-CM? If so, do we select the weeks based on the ultrasound (U/S), or by what she stated was her last menstrual period?

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Answer: In ICD-10, the gestational age is required for all codes that begin with the letter “O” with the exception of the abortion codes (O00-O08), or any postpartum complication codes as this information is not applicable. Therefore, it you were reporting O03.4 (Incomplete spontaneous abortion without complication), a Z3A code would not also be reported. Keep in mind that for all of the other “O” codes, the weeks gestation is more accurately based on ultrasound findings rather than last menstrual period.