Other Procedures of the Hemic or Lymphatic System CPT® Code range 38900- 38999

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Surgical Procedures on the Lymph Nodes and Lymphatic Channels 38900-38999 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 38900- 38999
Other Procedures of the Hemic or Lymphatic System
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January 27, 2023
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No experience with ICG during cholecystectomy, only for sentinel lymph node identification during hysterectomy. If you are performing it for sentinel lymph node identification, 38900 describes exactly... [ Read More ]
I would want it customizable as different payors may ask for different things. Example for today's world - telehealth. Most want modifier -95 and POS 11 (or whatever it would have been if not for th... [ Read More ]
Yes, 38900 should only be billed with one of the base codes. With that being said, from experience (prior to 2019 when the additional base codes were added), there are some carriers that do not requir... [ Read More ]
You can only bill 38900 with one of the base codes 19302, 19307, 38500, 38510, 38520, 38525, 38530, 38531, 38542, 38562, 38564, 38570, 38571, 38572, 38740, 38745, 38760, 38765, 38770, 38780, 56630, 56... [ Read More ]
Doctor did not do the injection and the injection is part of 38900. You would have to use the unlisted code 38999 or perhaps you can get away with using a 52 modifier with 38900. 38900-52 and indicate... [ Read More ]
Lymph node mapping for identification of sentinel lymph node is billed as either: 38792 Injection procedure, radioactive tracer for identification of sentinel node 38900 Intraoperative identification ... [ Read More ]
[b]2019 update[/b] Since I posted this answer in 2017 & I know people often reference previous posts, I thought it important to update my answer. 38900 add on code is now billable with 38570-38572 fo... [ Read More ]
Late to answer, but I was updating a previous post from 2017 regarding this & saw your related question. In 2018, we used 38999 for the ICG sentinel lymph node mapping. I'm very pleased that as of 2... [ Read More ]
[b]38900 updated[/b] Since I posted this answer in 2017 & I know people often reference previous posts, I thought it important to update my answer. 38900 add on code is now billable with 38570-38572 ... [ Read More ]
I would probably go with 38500 for the inguinal sentinel node biopsies, even though it is referred to as 'deep'. I would use an unlisted code 38999 for the sentinel node mapping for the reason you no... [ Read More ]