Non-Invasive Extremity Arterial Studies (Including Digits) CPT® Code range 93922- 93931

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Non-Invasive Vascular Diagnostic Studies 93922-93931 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 93922- 93931
Non-Invasive Extremity Arterial Studies (Including Digits)
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January 01, 1970
Hello I am a Vascular coder in Michigan and I want someone in the same CMS region that I may have a running conversation as it relates to some troubles I have with the ICD-10-CM codes for the non inva... [ Read More ]
Per Medicare LCD for 93923 the only diagnosis codes supporting this cpt are: LCD L27355 Group 3 Paragraph: Extremity Arterial Evaluation (93922, 93923, 93924, 93925, 93926, 93930 and 93931): Use IC... [ Read More ]
OK, let's try another tactic. How about if I list some procedure codes and if anyone in downstate NY has gotten these paid in this calendar year (2012) by any of these insurance plans, you tell me th... [ Read More ]
Coding Noninvasive Vascular Studies CPT codes are divided into sections for cerebrovascular arteries (93875-93888), extremity arteries (93922-93931), extremity veins (93965-93971), visceral arterial i... [ Read More ]
Duplex scans are imaging studies and must include both color doppler and spectral analysis. Physiologic studies are non-imaging and use different equipment than the duplex scans. 93922 and 93923 requ... [ Read More ]
[QUOTE="Jim Pawloski, post: 92800, member: 67434"]Hello everyone, I had asked a short time ago about coding a unilateral extremity arterial vascular study. Danny Peoples answered my question in using... [ Read More ]
I am not sure if I understand the question but codes 93978 & 93979 are Duplex of aorta, iliac's & IVC etc. Artrial Doppler, Duplex has codes for Upper or Lower extremity procedures so look at code r... [ Read More ]