Forum Q&A Feature

Q. What's the benefit of posting a Question on a Forum?
The Question and Answer feature allows you to receive answers to your question from other AAPC members who can also vote up specific answers they feel are the most valid. An AAPC Moderator will award the most valid answer to your question.

Q. Who can create questions?
All AAPC members are allowed to ask questions on Forum topics.

Q. How do I post a Question?
Click on 'Post thread' and check the box titled 'Post this as a question.'

Q. What happens to unanswered posts?
A widget keeps track of unanswered threads to keep a watch out for those who need answers. An AAPC Moderator will be reviewing this list regularly.

Q. What are up and down votes?
Up and down votes allow community members to rate an answer based on its validity. The thread then displays answers by those with the most votes to the least. This way, only the most correct answers will appear at the top so you won't have to search for the answer.
If an answer gets too many down votes, it will be automatically hidden.

Q. How do I know if a Question still needs to be answered?
There are two ways to tell if a thread is answered or unanswered.
1. Each thread will be marked on the left side with a green 'Answered' or a red 'Question' label.
2. Answered threads with a winning answer are also indicated by a green checkmark, whereas questions that are still open will have a red question mark indicator.

Q. Who chooses the winning answer to a question?
Winning answers are determined by an AAPC moderator. The winning answer will receive a trophy and will be moved to the top of the answer list. At this time, no new answers will be allowed on the post.