1. D

    Wiki Same mass multiple techniques used Colonoscopy

    Hello I need help, I know if you code a colonoscopy and multiple techniques are used to remove DIFFERENT masses/polyps you code each technique and add mod 59 to the others of less value. BUT my question is what if its the SAME mass and they used 2 techniques to remove the same mass. Can you...
  2. lamiller

    Wiki CPT 45385 and 45380 Together

    I am getting tons of denials from BCBS Medicare Advantage in Tennessee with 45385 and 45380 billed together. I have use 59 and XS modifiers and still denied. The denial code is C045 and some C0131. Does anybody have any thoughts on this??? Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. lamiller

    Wiki CPT 45385 and 45380 billed together

    I am having a lot of denials from Blue Cross Medicare Advantage in Tennessee when billing 45385 and 45380 together. I have tried several different modifiers on 45380 including, 59, XS. XU and 59/51. The denial comes back stating claim specific negotiated discount. Anybody have any ideas?
  4. E

    Wiki Colonoscopy global period

    Gastroenterologist does colonoscopy with polyp removed by snare (45385, Z12.11 & K63.5); eight (8) days later patient has GI bleeding and same doctor does diagnostic colonoscopy (45378). Is the second procedure billable or included in global period of the original colonoscopy? Thanks!