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    We have an addictions physician and Nurse Practicioner that is treating our patient's in our PHP/IOP facility. Can they use 90791 and 90792 codes for their evaluations or should they be using regular Evaluation and management codes? We treat eating disorder patients.
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    Question bill psychotherapy codes before assessment?

    The behavioral health providers at our clinic asked me how many times they can bill 90832 psychotherapy before an assessment 90791 is required. They think that they can bill up to 4 sessions before they complete an assessment. I cannot find any coding/billing information to support this idea...
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    90791 --Help

    How many times can 90791 be billed? I have read threads from 2014.. but I wanted to know if its been updated. We have LCSW working and I don't know if they have a limit of billing it, because they are billing it more than often, per patient. I can find no information on CMS.. if anyone is...
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    E&M coding and psych

    I have 2 questions. The first one is a patient had an OV with nurse prac and then psych on the same day. NP coded 99213 and psych coded 90791 but the psych code was denied. Not sure how to code? The second question is patient was seen by psych dr and 90791 was coded but still denied. Not sure...