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    Diabetes Self Management Training

    We are starting to perform Diabetes Self Management Training to our patients with HGB above 9. This is an effort to provide higher quality care to our patients and to satisfy MIPS measures. We have a medical assistant and a RN at our office. both of whom have been trained by Novo Nordisk...
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    CPT 98960 Nurse Education

    This question is in regards to a pain management clinic which prescribed long term narcotics. For each pain management patients, the RN meets with the patient to discuss narcotic use, ways to avoid overdoses, signs of overdose, prevention, what to do in case of an overdose. We have been coding...
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    94660 Requirements

    Hi - I am hoping someone will be able to offer some guidance. Our group has a neurologist who is interested in performing CPT 94660 - The practice has hired a technician and the question has arisen as to who can actually bill for this procedure code. I have found the following: "CPT code...