Diabetes Self Management Training


Youngsville, NC
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We are starting to perform Diabetes Self Management Training to our patients with HGB above 9. This is an effort to provide higher quality care to our patients and to satisfy MIPS measures. We have a medical assistant and a RN at our office. both of whom have been trained by Novo Nordisk Clinical Education program, which is certified by NCQA. We just started the one-on-one sessions with the patients today. The sessions include education on proper administration of insulin, nutrition, and developing an overall Diabetes Management plan individualized to each of those patients. Most of our patients are of Medicare age.
I am unsure how to bill for these services. 99211 for nurse visit? or 98960? Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.
DMST Billing?

See the Medicare Billing for DSME and MNT Services from the American Diabetes Association for reference on codes G0108/G0109. Hope that helps.