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    ENT Coding Education

    Anyone looking for reasonably priced ENT Coding Education, please note that I and my colleague Jennifer McNamara will be delivering a VIRTUAL course over two days mid-November offering 12 CEUs, covering just about just about everything an Otolaryngology coder would want addressed. We will be...
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    Question Coding education in Podiatry?

    Where do all of you go for Podiatry coding references and education?? What coding companion books do you use as well?? Any advice would be helpful! Thanks! ilona
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    HHS Risk Adjustment Education

    Good morning, I am wondering who else out there might have any commercial risk adjustment education for providers? I have been going on to physicians offices as well as meeting with coding and billing staff to give presentations regarding HHS Risk Adjustment. I am looking to add information...
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    Varicose Vein education????

    Hello all, I am curious to see if y'all know of any education courses/books/ANYTHING that could help me with varicose vein coding? I can't find any specialty courses or anything that have to do with lower extremity varicose vein management coding. PLEASE ANY ADVICE IS HELPFUL!!! Thanks in...
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    Diabetes Self Management Training

    We are starting to perform Diabetes Self Management Training to our patients with HGB above 9. This is an effort to provide higher quality care to our patients and to satisfy MIPS measures. We have a medical assistant and a RN at our office. both of whom have been trained by Novo Nordisk...
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    Got my CPC-A last spring, but have been severely slacking in working on getting the A dropped. I don't use codes in my current position so I am looking to self educate myself. Anyone have any tips on FREE tools to practice my skills? I want to get a coding job eventually, but definitely to brush...
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    E&M Hematology Oncology

    I am a new Auditor for E&M charges with Hematology Oncology practice. I am looking for any education sites or cheat sheets that anyone finds helpful. My email is Thank you
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    Inpatient and Outpatient Facility Billing Information

    Hi. What are the best resources, websites, sources, classes and certifications needed to become a both inpatient and outpatient facility biller? Learn in detail, calculating DRG, revenue codes, rate codes, value codes, occurrence codes, APG payment system, OPPS and which CPT codes must certain...
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    Are You Ready for Real-world Coding?

    I don't feel ready for real-world coding. I passed the CPC exam last month and I'm doing Practicode now. My scores are all over the place. Medical coding is a long-term goal and a stepping stone for me to start a medical billing company after I retire in a few years. When I feel "proficient" at...
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    Chemo Talk with RN - Education

    Up to now, we have done a one hour education "Chemo talk' with patients free of charge. My boss would like me to start billing for this service. My question is, What kind of documentation is needed to bill as a nurse visit - 99211? Is the same documentation needed to bill as an education service...
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    Learning to code cardiology/endovascular

    This is new territory to me and I am trying to figure out the best way to learn more about this specialty of coding. Can anyone give me guidance on how to train/practice in this field. Any particular online class, book, or study guide I can look into? Your advice and input will be greatly...
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    Orthopaedics Coding Education Needed

    I'm looking for suggestions for education (courses, webinars, etc.) to learn orthopaedic coding/billing. I see that AAPC has some information, but it looks like it is all geared towards earning a specialty certification as opposed to learning about the topic. Thanks in advance for any links...
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    General question Re: Status Indicators

    Does anyone know a source that could provide education on status indicators, aside from the CMS website? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks
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    Cardiology Coding Help

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of some good cardiology coding websites or book's? I'm new to Cardiology Coding and looking to get more education on the subject. Thanks!
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    Discussion On Entering Coding Field

    Would like information from a mentor or kind respectful person who is a coder to discuss aspects of landing a coding job and keeping it. Also when can one specialize--must you wait until you are in the field of specialization to continue or can you jump right in and continue education within a...
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    Sequencing of CPT affect REIMBURSEMENT?

    Does sequencing of CPT coding affect REIMBURSEMENT! I’m coding physician’s facility and non-facility. What or where can I get something in writing? “I know for audit purposes sequencing will be a issue.” Everyone, please give me your opinion. Thank you, CPC, I wondering now!