1. E

    Diabetes Education performed in physician office

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help. Non Medicare Patient. New Diabetes DX. Pharmacist inside of Family Practice performed Diabetes Education . Providing Meal Planning handouts and Going over prescriptions use for diabetes and diet details. We cannot bill under then pharmacist but the...
  2. J

    Question 99211 - documentation requirements

    Trying to figure out 99211. Here’s an example: Patient comes to office with blood glucose logs. Their appt is scheduled with Nursing staff and a nurse reviews patient glucose logs and sees their numbers are too high. Nurse documents “as per Dr. X patient to increase insulin”. Nurse then signs...
  3. D

    99211 - nurses without license

    Is it possible for a nurse without a license to report code 99211? The nurse graduated from a foreign school.
  4. M

    99211 on same day as injection and pregnancy test

    Hello coders! Please help clarify so I can settle the dispute with the NP and WHNP in my office. A patient came in and was seen by the CMA for pregnancy test and depo injection. The pregnancy was negative. Can we bill a 99211 with the depo injection and the pregnancy test? Please explain...
  5. M

    Help!! 99211 and Lab Only

    Hello coders! Can anyone please advise and clarify how and when to use and bill a 99211 for lab only services. We generally use 99211 for nurse f/u and lab visits on established patients. The RN's are doing STD exams and coding only the 99211. The CMA is doing the collection. Some of our...
  6. L

    Question Using vitals dated the day before on a 99211

    I work for a residential BH company that also provides medical services to the residents. Because the patients are living in such a close environment, the nurses are doing vitals daily, in the evening. The next day, when they bill 99211, the vitals are dated the day before. They were told that...
  7. S

    Question RN Billable Services Question

    I have searched everywhere online and still couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I work for a mental health organization and we have our NP and two RNs that provide the medical visits to our clients. We have just started using medical billing and none of us really have any good experience...
  8. baroquecoder

    Weight Check 99211

    Chief complaint: weight check ordered as incident to service provided by nurse; 99211 assessment plan: patient is gaining weight appropriately. Come back in 2 weeks for weight check newborn. Z00.111 is the code used. Does this meet the guidelines for incident to reporting? Weight check is...
  9. G

    Diabetes Self Management Training

    We are starting to perform Diabetes Self Management Training to our patients with HGB above 9. This is an effort to provide higher quality care to our patients and to satisfy MIPS measures. We have a medical assistant and a RN at our office. both of whom have been trained by Novo Nordisk...
  10. T

    Nurse visits and UAs

    Our coding dept is being requested to bill out a UA with a 99211. I know as it is an E&M I can add a 25 modifier. I am having trouble with this because of the UA having its own CPT code and by my understanding of E&Ms you can only bill both if there is a separate reason for the E&M service. Is...
  11. baroquecoder

    99211 with 93284

    Verifying the appropriateness of billing a 99211 with 93284; Patient is seen by MA, no BP done, brief HPI and statement that 93284 was performed. No other details. No report for the 93284 and no signature by MD. I realize the 99211 would require a mod 25, but is this an appropriate usage of...
  12. J

    Nurse Visits 99211 Help

    Hi all, I've been hired as a coder after the clinic I work at updated to a new EMR system, and I've come across issues with coding for nurse visits. We've established that when patients come in for injections/vaccinations, we code for the injections/vaccinations and the correct admin codes...
  13. K

    E/M 99211 & Narcotic Refill Rx

    There is a Physician in my group who does refills every 30 days on Narcotic refill prescriptions. When the patient comes in for the refill Rx, the patient is seen by the Certified Medical Assistant, a blood pressure is taken, and the new Rx is given. The Physician does not see the patient...
  14. J

    Nurse Level

    Can I bill a 99211 when a patient is only in the office to have their lab work done & sent to an outside lab for testing?
  15. E

    Billing 99211 catheter and vascular line removal

    I struggle with removal of gastrostomy tube removal and temporary vascular line removal. Is it appropriate to bill 99211 in the following instance: Advice is appreciated. Procedure: Temporary triple-lumen catheter removal. Indication: 46-year-old patient from nursing home sent for removal of...
  16. B


    Can you bill this in podiatry office for measuring for diabetic shoes? podiatrist orders for DM patient to have diabetic shoes. pt comes in for measurement doctor is on site. nurse does evaluation of feet to see about appropriate diabetic shoes. can nurse bill 99211 for this service because of...
  17. T


    Can this be billed under the doctor if a medical assistant is doing the procedure? Our MA's do a lot of the ear lavages. We stopped billing 69210 for them since it had to be done with "instruments". We would just bill a 99211 for them. Thanks
  18. G

    E & M injections only

    Patient comes in for an injection performed by the nurse are we able to bill 99211
  19. J


    There is a doctors office that is charging a 99211 for renewing prescriptions due to the new Ct laws CPMRS I feel that is inappropriate- even though a physician is not required, a face-to face visit with a practioner needs to happen and documentation Please chime in on this issue Thanks
  20. R

    99211 with lab tests

    Hello, I have an office that wants to bill a 99211 with the MA or RN assisting a patient with the H Pylori test in their clinic. I am stating no since the patient can do the test themselves and there is no documentation for an E&M visit but meeting some resistance. Any coders out there know...