Billing 99211 catheter and vascular line removal


Indianapolis, IN
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I struggle with removal of gastrostomy tube removal and temporary vascular line removal. Is it appropriate to bill 99211 in the following instance: Advice is appreciated.

Procedure: Temporary triple-lumen catheter removal.

Indication: 46-year-old patient from nursing home sent for removal of
central venous catheter. Of note, the catheter is a non tunneled
triple lumen catheter which has been present since at least November.

Physicians: DR. X.
Complications: None

All elements of maximal sterile barrier technique were used.

Procedure: The procedure was performed by the nursing staff under
supervision of Dr. Wilson. The catheter dressing was removed. The
retention suture was released. The catheter was removed maintaining
occlusion of the venotomy. Hemostasis was obtained with manual
compression. An occlusive dressing was placed over the skin exit
Removal of non tunnelled catheter does not meet requirements for a procedure and it is included in the E&M visit code. So this can be coded as 99211.