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    Question Revision of cochlear implant

    The doctor removed and implanted a cochlear implant. I originally thought I would use cpt code 69710 or 69717 but I read that 69930 includes the removal so I just want to make sure which cpt code would be best to use. Here is the report: Procedure: Right revision cochlear implant Details...
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    Scissor snip biopsy or removal, multiple specimens, path is not skin tag.

    Hello, Our staff comes across this type of note daily, and would like some clarification on what is the proper way to bill this scenario? Thank you in advance. Note copied below: Dx given in note as D49.2 and skin tags. Scissor Snip biopsy Left axilla x4, Right axilla x3, Groin IFEP. The area...
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    Code for embedded piercing

    One of my providers recently removed an embedded piece of jewelry; the young lady had had her chest pierced, but one end of the hardware came off and the main piece slipped down into the piercing & healed over. 2 years later she decided this was a problem & came for removal. I am coding a...
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    Excision Eye Skin Tag/Lesion

    I am having a dispute with a Dr office on how to code this. I work for an ASC and they are saying these should be coded as 67840 and I think it should be 11200 becasue it specifies skin tag. I am already in hot water for requesting a description for the procedure becasue this is a new DR and...
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    Discontinued Excision of Cyst

    I am hoping for some help/reassurance with CPT code/modifier selection on a procedure. The patient presented to our family practice clinic to have a cyst removed from scalp. The physician started to excise the cyst but noted that it went further into the skull than she had anticipated. She...
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    Laser Hair Removal

    My pediatric dermatologist saw a new patient who has unwanted hair on her face in the area where a skin graft is and laser hair removal was given as a treatment option. Normally, we would treat this as purely cosmetic, but the patient is only ten years old, and suffered 40-49% burns at the age...
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    Removal of bone growth stimulator

    Hello, a patient had a bone growth stimulator implanted in 2015. About 8 months later, the same provider who implanted it, removed the stimulator. The patient has medicare. Can we bill with a modifier 58 for staged procedure for reimbursement, or it the removal of the bone growth stimulator...
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    Iud removal and re-insertion

    I just want to verify that when billing for a removal and re-insertion of an IUD that you do not bill the removal code....Our practictioners literally just pull it out by the strings (typically no complications). This was ACOG's question of the month. Our office was/has been billing the removal...
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    Hernia repair with Amyand Hernia - & Appendectomy

    Hello, Our physician performed an "incarcerated right inguinal hernia repair;" his report indicates the patient had a rare Amyand hernia which is an inguinal hernia with the presence of an appendix. He said to bill for the hernia repair and appendectomy. I was wondering if anyone else has...
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    PEG Tube Removal During EGD

    After searching the AAPC forums, I still have uncertainties about the answer to my question(s). My question(s): Can a separate charge be billed when a PEG tube is removed during an endoscopic (EGD)procedure? If yes, how would you code for this charge? Thank you so much!
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    Looposcopy with removal of right ureteral stent

    Does anyone know the code for this procedure?
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    Coding for Hymenal Tear Removal

    I have a patient who presented to the office with a hymenal tear protruding through the vagina. Our physician injected lidocaine and removed the protrusion with a scalpel. Is it appropriate to code this procedure as 56442? With hymenal tear being the diagnosis?
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    Billing 99211 catheter and vascular line removal

    I struggle with removal of gastrostomy tube removal and temporary vascular line removal. Is it appropriate to bill 99211 in the following instance: Advice is appreciated. Procedure: Temporary triple-lumen catheter removal. Indication: 46-year-old patient from nursing home sent for removal of...
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    question regarding hysteroscopy and iud removal

    Can you bill 58558 and 58301 together?
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    Excision of cystic duct lymph node during laproscopic cholecystectomy cpt code

    Can you code for the lymph node removal of the cystic duct lymph node during a plan cholecystectomy? He excised the lymph node and sent it pathology but he did not state that anything was wrong with the lymph node. I came up with an unlisted lap code for the removal. CPT 38589 with 47562...
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    Drain tube removal by another physician.

    How would I code for this when the patient did not want to drive 5 hours to the physician that performed the surgery and inserted the tube and, instead, decided to do it locally. What CPT should I use and ICD-10-Code? Please advice. Thanks in advance!
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    DICD Gen and Lead Removal and Insertion of Drain (Infected Pocket)

    Recently a physician removed a Dual ICD and both Leads via Laser extraction due to a pocket infection. After the removal of the equipment the pocket was clean out and a drain inserted and sutured into pocket. I am curious if CPT code 10180 I&D for infection should be added to the Codes 33241(ICD...
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    what would be the CPT code for removal of PICC line in community setting

    Per my interpretation of the guidelines removal of a picc line is billed based on the E&M code as when submitted with a code of 36590 it was denied. Is this incorrect and if so what would be the code.
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    Shave removal vs Skin Tag removal

    The physician performed 2 shave removals and 2 pathologies on what she believed were traumatized nevi. The pathologies came back both as skin tags and not nevi. Should we still code 11300, 11300-59 with 88304 X2 or should it be changed to 11200 Skin tag removal up to 15? If so, can we still...
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    Wart removal by cryotherapy

    New to dermatology... Would you use 11200 or 17000 for wart removal? Note states: liquid N2 applied to wart on finger.
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    Removal of benign lesion

    A patient was seen for removal of a benign skin lesion. I billed the insurance with CPT 11443 (excision benign skin lesion of face/ears/eyelids/nose/lips 2.1-3 cm). I received a denial stating a modifier is required for this code. I am unfamiliar with what modifier I am to use. I would really...
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    new CPT 69209

    Does anyone have info for this new CPT code for 2016? I have one reference to Wisconsin Medical Society "Practice Vitals". Not sure how legit this website is, so would like to confirm any other info that's out there. Here's the article that was dated 1/05/2016: CPT® code for ear wax removal...
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    Procedure Question

    If the provider performs a D&C, Hysteroscopy with thermachoice ablation wouldn't it be the 58563 If they perform an IUD removal, hysteroscopy HTA Ablation with polypectomy wouldn't that also only be the 58563
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    genital wart removal

    A female patient - had genital warts (don't know how many or from where) removed. I am wondering if 56501 or 56515 (destruction of vulvar lesions) are better codes to use than 17110 or 17111 (destruction of benigh lesions other than skin tags or cutaneous vascular proliferative lesions)?
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    Cast removal under anesthesia

    Has anyone coded out a cast removal under anesthesia? What code have you used in the past? One would be for an 101 year old femur cast removal and the other and infant tibula/fibula cast removal. Thank you for your input. Kelly