Brookfield, CT
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There is a doctors office that is charging a 99211 for renewing prescriptions due to the new Ct laws CPMRS
I feel that is inappropriate- even though a physician is not required, a face-to face visit with a practioner needs to happen and documentation
Please chime in on this issue
A 99211 is appropriate if the provider has previously examine the patient for the same reason and has a written plan of care to include this encounter. So there would need to be a plan of care in the chart for the repeat prescription encounter. There are certain rules however for some medications such as narcotics and medications such as ADHD meds that payers or state law will require a physician face to face for a renewal.
A 99211 must be face to face with a qualified staff person in the office setting. This could be a physician or an RN. The provider the service is billed under must be present in the office suite but does not need to see the patient face to face unless something has changed with the diagnosis or treatment plan.