Surprise, AZ
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I have searched everywhere online and still couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I work for a mental health organization and we have our NP and two RNs that provide the medical visits to our clients. We have just started using medical billing and none of us really have any good experience or knowledge on how to bill them correctly. We have reguarly use behavorial health codes for years. Now with NP and RNs providing the medical services, that makes it complicate for us.

Our RN reguarly adminstrated COVID-19 Antibotic test (Finger blood test) and FLU Vaccine shot for the last several weeks. I try to find information on what billing code we are allowed to use for the RN that perform those services. I didn't have any luck so I hope one of you will be able to provide me some help.

From my understanding, RN is only able to bill for either 99211 or T1002. How do I bill for the administrating the tests? The services are only provided at three of our centers' medical offices. There is no home visit. Once in a while, it will be done telephonically since we're allow to bill for it temporary with UD modifier. Sometimes, the RN will only adminstrate the FLU shot or Covid-19 test. That where I got stuck at figuring out what code to bill with specifically for RN staff.

Please do feel free to ask questions for clarification and I will do my best to answer it.