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    Status COVID-19/Flu A&B

    What is the fee schedule for 87811? We are looking at adding the new 3 in 1 swab for COVID-19/Flu A&B and I am having a hard time finding a fee for 87811. We charge $35.00 for 87804. Thanks! New to this.
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    covid specimen collection cpt codes

    Hello All. I am coding for an Urgent care provider that has been dropping cpt code G2023 when the on office PCR covid testing is performed. i have researched that G2023 cannot be billed as this code is only for independent laboratories. Can anyone please help me :( I have explained that i cannot...
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    Wiki COVID-19 Uninsured Claims after HRSA

    Hello, I need to know how and where to submit claims for covid-19 uninsured patients as COVID-19 Uninsured program (HRSA) has stopped accepting claims for “testing and vaccination March 22, 2022 & April 5, 2022” respectively due to insufficient funds. Thanks!
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    Travel Testing for COVID-19

    Hi all, I tried searching for this but unable to find a clear answer. How is everyone coding (ICD-10) their patients receiving COVID-19 tests for travel? I have seen payer guidance that testing for this reason is not covered but I don't see they are advising how to code it.
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    Wiki Focus Respiratory Panel PCR

    Hello Community! I have another question, this time on Focus Respiratory Panel coding. Please let me know how you would code this report. I appreciate any help!! Nasopharyngeal Swab, Focused Viral: VIRUSES NP SWAB- INFLUENZA A NOT DETECTED INFLUENZA B NOT DETECTED RESPIRATORY SYNCYTIAL VIRUS...
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    Wiki Downgrade policy for respiratory panel 0202U

    I am not able to find downgrade policy for respiratory panel 0202U. This code is denied by some insurances as not covered under the contract. But the other panel 0241U is covered. 0241U includes all 4 targets that is part of 0202U. Is it ok to resubmit denied 0202U by correcting it to 0241U...
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    Question COVID Uninsured Program

    My office is taking part of the HRSA Covid Uninsured Program for re-imbursement for our self-pay patients. I created the claim just as specified but could not locate a group number. Therefore, I used none and now the claim has kicked back. Has anyone successfully submitted a claim to them, if...
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    Question RN Billable Services Question

    I have searched everywhere online and still couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I work for a mental health organization and we have our NP and two RNs that provide the medical visits to our clients. We have just started using medical billing and none of us really have any good experience...
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    Wiki Reimbursement for 87426

    Could anyone share their reimbursement for the rapid covid test code 87426??? Thanks!!
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    Wiki Rapid COVID Nasal Swab

    Hello All, I wanted to confirm there wasn't a new code to be used for the RAPID COVID-19 test. All I've seen this far was CPT 87635 for the actual COVID test. The other CPT that were added were for the Antibodies test from what I am reading. This will be coding for an Urgent care as well as a PCP.
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    Pre-op COVID swab coding

    We are aware of the guidance from Medicare to bill CPT 99211. However, I posed the question to my supervisor about commercial payers. She does not like billing the CPT 99211 for the swab at all because the documentation does not support an e/m service. She states, "If you do not take vitals, you...
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    Question Physician Group Drive through COVID test site

    I am trying to determine if my large Physician Group can have a drive through COVID testing site. Can the group have patients go to the corporate office parking lot for testing? if so how would the group bill for this? Does the corporate office site need to be enrolled?
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    COVID testing for asymptomatic Medicare patients

    My practice is getting denials from Medicare for patients who are coming in to get tested to abide by travel mandates in our state, wanting to ensure they don't have the virus before visiting a local family member or just want to be tested for peace of mind. The argument is that the above listed...