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Hello All,

I wanted to confirm there wasn't a new code to be used for the RAPID COVID-19 test. All I've seen this far was CPT 87635 for the actual COVID test. The other CPT that were added were for the Antibodies test from what I am reading. This will be coding for an Urgent care as well as a PCP.

The October CPT Assistant lists 87635, 87636, and 87637 and there are also PLA codes for COVID testing, which is explained in the CPT Assistant. It depends on what is being tested and the technique. If the test includes pathogens other than COVID-19, I would look at the other codes and not 87635 as the description only includes COVID-19. There are also U codes for COVID testing as well. Then there is the antibody testing codes. The CPT Assistant should tell you what you need to know based on the test and technique.

Hope this helps.
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Are we allowed to bill patient's just cash pay for the rapid COVID testing for CPT code 87426? does this test include the no cost to patient for anything releated to COVID? or would insurance allow this besides medicaid? Not sure if all insurance companies cover it and didn't know if we could just make it a flat fee all the way around for the test. Also is there certian documentation you have to have in progress note?