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    Question Rapid COVID Nasal Swab

    Hello All, I wanted to confirm there wasn't a new code to be used for the RAPID COVID-19 test. All I've seen this far was CPT 87635 for the actual COVID test. The other CPT that were added were for the Antibodies test from what I am reading. This will be coding for an Urgent care as well as a PCP.
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    Question Number of dx/mgmt options

    Good Evening, Quick question regarding the # of dx/mgmt options table, just a few examples: 1st ex: Patient presents with a complaint of sore throat along with left ear pain which was diagnosed as acute pharyngitis and otitis media, assigned 2 points as I see as self limiting. 2nd ex: Patient...
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    Urgent Care referred to the ED

    Hello - I need some advice on if this can even be coded. We had a patient present at our Urgent Care that was referred to go to the ED. Is there enough information below to support a 99211? Visit Type: Urgent Care Visit Document Type: Chart Note...
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    Urgnet Care Setting using Ammonia Salts

    Hello - Has anyone ever had a situation where an Urgent Care would be using Ammonia Salts? If so is that included in the E/M or can that be billed separate. I am unable to find any information on this topic. Thank you, Aimee -CPC
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    Vertigo assessment

    Hello! I'm a new coder and I think I know the answer to my own question, but I would just like a 2nd opinion. I am coding an urgent care visit. Diagnosis is otitis media, Pharyngitis and Vertigo. He has documented enough for the OM and pharyngitis, but there is really nothing to support the...
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    Urgent Care E/M

    Hello, I work at a family practice and we have just aquired an urgent care facility. When coding E/M visits can I just use outpatient codes 99211-99215 or is there an urgent care (not part of hospital emergency department) E/M code set or modifiers I should be using? Please Help!!!!
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    In Urgent Care setting, Can a Physcian Assistant bill a new pt using his/her own NPI?

    Hi coder family:) I guess my question is can P.A's see new patients in Urgent Care? I am auditing our P.A.'s who see patients Monday-Sunday in Ortho Urgent Care. My question is, if a new patient comes in to be seen and a P.A. see's them for the first time. Would the P.A. be able to bill...
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    Urgent care dx denials

    Hello, I am hoping someone with UC experience can give some insight; at UC we do not have the facility to send labs for every dx. Certain dx require the cause of the dx, such as pneumonia (J12-15.X) or J06.9 "acute upper respiratory tract infection, unspec" wants the bacterial cause. We are...
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    Switching between POS 11 and POS 20

    When I worked in Idaho, the physician's office could legally bill for both POS 11 and POS 20. I am now working in Utah and have not been able to find out if this is a legal practice in Utah, as well. I have contacted the Utah Division of Health Facility Licensing and they could not give me an...
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    Wiki 7th character help for injury codes

    I code for an urgent care center in an area with a lot of senior citizens. They come in for skin tears and usually can't be sutured because of thin skin. Some of them, even though not requested to by the provider, come in every two days for a wound check. Sometimes the provider notes to...