1. J

    Wiki How to Code for 4th COVID Vaccine shots?

    Hello Everyone, Because the FDA just approved Moderna/Pfizer on the 4th shot, I am having difficulty finding any materials on the subject. Based on the existing codes, I would assume the following: Pfizer: 91300 - Vaccine 0004A - Injection Booster Moderna: 91306 - Low Dose Vaccine 0064A -...
  2. H

    Wiki U07.1 As a Secondary Dx

    Hello my name is Heather and I work for an Infectious Disease Providers. When Covid started we set a rule that U07.1 had to be in the primary position when treating the patient for Covid. As Covid has progressed and became an additional diagnosis not just a primary diagnosis, I am a little...
  3. SharonCollachi

    Wiki Covid test 87636 gets a QW per Medicare effective 7/1/2021

    Addition of the QW Modifier to HCPCS Code 87636 MLN Matters Number: MM12269 Related CR Release Date: April 26, 2021 Related CR Transmittal Number: R10732OTN Related Change Request (CR) Number: 12269 Effective Date: July 1, 2021 Implementation Date: July 6, 2021 CR 12269 informs you of the...
  4. R

    Wiki Covid education vs Covid screening icd 10 correct coding.

    Is z11.52 to be used during the pandemic? Would you consider this documentation as screening for Covid-19 (z11.52)? Reviewed information and literature on COVID infection in pregnancy. Reviewed current status of COVID vaccination, including FDA's EUA of both Moderna and Pfizer...
  5. K

    Wiki When to use the CS modifier

    Hi. We are a surgical practice and all patients are required to get a COVID test before their surgery, which we are ordering. Should we be billing the CS modifier on our E/M service since we are ordering the COVID test? I'm having a hard time finding a clear answer if it is OK to use this...
  6. K

    Wiki Psychotherapy telehealth COVID Modifier for BCBS?

    Hi, I have someone that isn't get full coverage for telehealth psychotherapy unless it is COVID related. How would I submit a claim letting them know the visits are due to stress of COVID. Is there a modifier for that?
  7. S

    Wiki Medicare billing-9944x with Z11.59 covid screen code

    We have billed this with the -CS modifier and are getting the denial: ROUTINE EXAM OR SCREENING PROCEDURE PART OF A ROUTINE EXAM. I see in a medicare COVID FAQ that this seems to be how it should be billed. Any one else had this issue and/or know how to fix it?
  8. S

    Wiki Covid

    I am new at coding (just started classes... I'm a M.A.) Please forgive my ignorance. We are a family practice in a very small rural town. We see scheduled patients daily. Currently we are overwhelmed with phone calls for covid testing. A nurse takes the call and then triages ... an...
  9. S

    Wiki Rapid COVID Nasal Swab

    Hello All, I wanted to confirm there wasn't a new code to be used for the RAPID COVID-19 test. All I've seen this far was CPT 87635 for the actual COVID test. The other CPT that were added were for the Antibodies test from what I am reading. This will be coding for an Urgent care as well as a PCP.
  10. J

    Wiki Physician Group Drive through COVID test site

    I am trying to determine if my large Physician Group can have a drive through COVID testing site. Can the group have patients go to the corporate office parking lot for testing? if so how would the group bill for this? Does the corporate office site need to be enrolled?
  11. L

    Wiki COVID 19 - Z CODES

    Hi everyone ! need some guidance...... I code facility ED records and i am having a hard time interpreting the guidelines correctly for reporting the Zcodes for exposure to Novel 2019 Corona Virus. It appears to me that both Z20.828 and Z03.818 require that testing be done (labwork) in order to...
  12. N

    Wiki Telehealth during emergency periods

    I am working at a pain management clinic and the practice is currently looking into telehealth, using a face-to-face like Zoom, because of COVID. However, from what I am seeing, the only way we can bill for telehealth is if the originating site is not the patient's home. My manager insists that...