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Gillette, WY
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I am new at coding (just started classes... I'm a M.A.) Please forgive my ignorance.

We are a family practice in a very small rural town. We see scheduled patients daily. Currently we are overwhelmed with phone calls for covid testing. A nurse takes the call and then triages ... an appointment with us or send to the hospital for testing. If we make the decision for testing, we put the order in and make the appointment then document accordingly. When the test comes back, we notify the patient of the results over the phone, document and then advise treatment options. Currently we are not billing for this because our provider does not think we can.

Can someone clarify this for me? Yes - no and if yes how? We are just spending so much time on this with no reimbursement! It's actually causing OT for our nurse.

Thank you in advance! Kel


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I would look into 98966-98968 for phone calls by RNs not resulting in nor related to a prior visit in the past 7 days.
I know Medicare allowed these during the PHE, and several commercial carriers have as well. We don't use them in our practice (no RNs), but I recall reading about them.
If your physician or NPP (PA/NP) is doing these phone calls, then look at 99441-99443.