nurse visits

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    Question Multiple Nurse Providers

    Can someone please help me code this scenario: PHN sees a patient for a quick office visit (i.e. pregnancy test visit) worthy of a 99211. Patient's pregnancy test come back positive and requests for further guidance. NP comes in for a visit worthy of a 99213. Can I bill both 99211 and 99213...
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    Code for pill count

    Does anyone have any idea what diagnosis code should be used when a patient comes in to see the nurse for a pill count?
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    Nurse visits and UAs

    Our coding dept is being requested to bill out a UA with a 99211. I know as it is an E&M I can add a 25 modifier. I am having trouble with this because of the UA having its own CPT code and by my understanding of E&Ms you can only bill both if there is a separate reason for the E&M service. Is...