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    Wiki Ultrasound: abdomen & renal coding help

    I have a few questions on an issue we are seeing on Ultrasound’s that are done. Our Cardio Docs will do the reading on abdominal aorta and the renal ultrasounds. Our question is this… 1) The dictation states “Complete Duplex Scan of abdominal aorta with 2D Imaging, color flow and spectral...
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    Wiki Help with Coding Peripheral

    Can I get some help coding this procedure. PROCEDURE PERFORMED: 1. Abdominal aortography at the renals 2. Abdominal aortography with limited run-offs 3. Right lower extremity runoff via left groin access 4. Left lower extremity distal runoffs via left groin access. 4. Catheter positioning...
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    Wiki LHC with Abdominal Aortic Angiogram

    Can anyone tell me what the codes would be for a LHC with Abdominal Aortic Angiogram? The Abdominal aortic angiogram revealed some diffuse atherosclerosis in the abdominal aorta, and both iliac arteries have some atherosclerosis in the right and left. Pt also had a LHC. Thanks for any help
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    Wiki Abdominal US/Thoracentesis

    Good Morning All, I have a radiology department charging for an Abdominal US when they cannont complete a Thoracentesis. I am new to this group, and when I questioned an edit for an Abdominal US with diagnosis of Neoplasm of the lung and pleural effusion, I was informed that they practice...
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    Wiki 2nd Trimester Pregnancy

    Hi! I have a note for a patient who was seen in the ER for severe abdominal pain. I am wondering what category I should look under since it isn't Z3A (weeks of gestation) or Z34 (supervision of pregnancy). Do I code it as pregnant state, incidental? The diagnoses listed are RUQ abdominal pain...
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    Wiki ICD-10 Abdominal

    Need help! What is the code for Anterior Abdominal Open Wound? We have no other information. Need an unspecified code, other or NOS.
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    Wiki Cathplacemt Code when LHC and Carotid Angio performed same session

    I am seeking some opinions and advice. I code procedures for the Cath Lab and IR in a the hospital setting. I am looking for advice for Abdominal Aortagram Bilateral Extremity and Carotid angiograms from the same access site, in the same setting by the same physician. I have been getting...
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    Wiki Loss of Domain

    In ICD-9-CM Vol 1, when the surgeon documented loss of domain in an abdominal surgical wound, we were advised to use ICD-9-CM code 879.3 for Open wound of abd wall, anterior, complicated. See "Expose the Layers of Abdominal Wall Reconstruction" In Coding Edge June 25, 2010 By John F. Bishop...