1. R

    PCN placement x2 for right PCNL

    Please help! Trying to obtain the correct CPT for the below procedure can anyone please help me!! :confused: Procedure/findings: The procedure, risks, benefits, and alternatives were discussed with the patient, and signed informed consent was obtained. The patient was placed prone on the...
  2. J

    EMR access requiring full SS# for contract coding

    I work for a national coding company doing contract auditing. I have a contract with this company. This company signs contracts with facilities in which we provide the services and more and more we are being required to get access into their EMR's to locate the documentation that needs...
  3. C

    Bilateral renal artery angioplasty and stent placement HELP

    Hello, I am fairly new to vascular coding and I want to make sure I code this correct. I am thinking 36252 (bilat)and 37236, 37237. From what I have read angio is included in stent placement so I would not use 35471. I attached the op note below. Thanks for any help with this. Procedure...
  4. S

    Fluoro Guided Venous Access/ 77001

    Can I code this report? Using 77001? Have a separate report for CXR for same indication and findings Grateful for the help in advance. Thanks Indication: Port-o-Cath Insertion Procedure: Fluoro Guided Venous Access Clinical History: Port-o-Cath Insertion Technique: Fluoro Guided Venous Access...
  5. berickson

    Individual Chapter Forums

    We're working through the logistics of offering an individual forum for each chapter. Ideally, a member would log in, and only be able to view (and access), their specific chapter's forum without seeing a clutter of 400+ others.