1. K

    Wiki Arthroscopic-Assisted vs. Conversion to Open (BEAR ACL)

    NCCI edits mentions that if a provider starts with a scope but it is then converted to an open procedure, then it would be coded as open. I have seen examples where the plan was to scope but due to complications or complexity, the scope had to be discontinued and an open procedure was performed...
  2. N

    Wiki compartment that ACL is in

    I am wondering if anyone know of any documentation showing which compartment the ACL is in. I have been told that it is in the patellofemoral compartment, but I can't find anything official that states that, or a diagram showing it. Thank you!
  3. M

    Wiki Need DX code for ACL Deficient Knee

    Hello, Does anyone have a suggestion for ACL Deficient Knee (right)? Not sure if M23.51 is accurate. Thank you in advance! Micki
  4. fullyalive05

    Wiki Failed ACL ICD 10

    If a patient has a failed ACL tear of the left knee and ends up having an ACL revision done.... do we use the ICD 10 code S83.512D or T84.410A or both? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. C

    Wiki Billing for ACL Allograft

    What revenue code/CPT combination should be used when the ASC is billing for the ACL allograft? Should 812 be used or 278?