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    Acne Visit with Injections-PA Derm Office

    Pt was seen for routine monthly acne visit. Dr notes have Acne Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and Acne Scars, same note every month. This particular visit she injected one spot on pt due to its size and location-one spot of the acne. she has an office visit of 99213 and 1 injection of...
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    Incident to billing - perform acne surgery

    We are a Dermatology office that has PA's and Aesthetician's who are also CMA's. The aesthetician's perform acne surgery (CPT 10040 Dx L70.0) when it is recommended by the physician or PA and gets billed to the insurance under the physician only. Can the aesthetician perform the acne surgery...
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    Accutane urine pregnancy tests

    We see quite a few Accutane acne patients. As anyone who deals with Accutane knows, female patients must take urine pregnancy tests every month. These tests in our office are administered and read by the nurse before the monthly drug counseling and the Prescription is given. Are we able to...