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    Wiki Allergy Office Admin Fees

    Our Allergy providers feel as if they aren't being compensated fairly for all the paperwork they are having to fill out for their patients receiving Biologics. Per our providers applications have to be completed for the pharmacy, a "Quick Start" form often has to be completed as well. They...
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    Wiki Billing administration fee for non-covered immunization

    We have a patient who requested an immunization that is not covered by his insurance. We are billing the patient for the vaccine itself but can we still bill his insurance for the immunization administration since they do not cover the vaccine?
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    Wiki Injection for cash & carry items

    I was hoping you could give me any directions or point to any policies to provide for our physicians. We have a physicians that would like to start offering Lipogem injections to patients. Since these are not a covered item for insurances we would be offering this as a cash & carry item. If...
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    Wiki Flu Shot by Pharmacist

    When a flu shot is given by a pharmacist, how does that get billed? Can the administration be billed? And would it be submitted under the pharmacist or does a provider need to sign off on it? I am new to flu shots being given by a pharmacist versus given in a clinic by a nurse.
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    Wiki Premeds w/ARNP chemo/MD

    We had a patient started with premeds with no MD onsite, only ARNP. MD arrived and we administered the chemo (same IV as premeds). My thought is to bill the entire infusion (premeds and chemo) under the ARNP. Biller is splitting the premeds under the ARNP, chemo under MD, which causes the...
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    Wiki Pre Op Injection Administration

    I am an auditor and have a hospital who wants to charge administration for Pre-Op IVP Versed (96374). I have explained that this would be considered part of the facility's Global Surgical Package as anesthesia writes for the medication when they begin to prep their patient for the operating...
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    Wiki Do the codes 78812 and 78815 include administration of the drug?

    Do CPT codes 78812 and 78815 include the administration of the drug used for imaging with the PET scan? The description doesn't specifically say so. And if it doesn't - would you include the administration codes from the 96XXX series for the administration of the drug? Thanks in advance!
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    Wiki Diagnostic Injection for PET scans

    Hello - I am wondering if anyone has guidance on how to code for the administration of a diagnostic agent that is used for PET scans? I know if a radiology procedure code includes the words "with contrast" then the administration of the contrast is included. However, the PET codes (78608, for...
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    Wiki Experienced MA, new graduate with CCS searching for job

    Shirley Jean Tener 4715 Bonneville Drive Arlington, TX 76016 Cell: (214) 315-3948 Email: QUALIFICATIONS * National Registered Certified Coding Specialist 2010 * AAPC member * Experience in reimbursement methods with government, commercial, HMO's, PPO's and Medicare. *...
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    Wiki Intravesical BCG ICD 9 code

    Should the ICD 9 Code for the Intravesical administration of BCG for Bladder CA be a V code or the code for the Bladder CA? I am ok with the CPT codes, but I am seeing mixed info for the ICD 9 code. Please, if anyone provides an answer, please provider a reference also. Appreciate the help.:;)