1. L

    E&M with Allergy Testing Coding

    Our Allergists have historically charged their visits in the following way: 1st Visit- Consult or New Patient E&M 2nd Visit- Est E&M w/ mod-25 and Percutaneous Scratch Testing The day of the testing is what is now being questioned. We are being told that we cannot charge an E&M level with a...
  2. C

    86003 and 86001 laboratory

    Hi, Has anyone experienced these codes being denied by medicare if the 86003 is over 50 we add another line with modifier 91 and if 86001 is over 20 we do the same . Medicare has been denying the 2nd lines and we have to appeal. Is there another way to keep these from denying? Thank you!
  3. J

    Preparation of sublingual allergy drops?

    Hello, I am new to allergy-related coding. We bill 95165 for the preparation of allergy vials for injection. Can 95165 also be billed for the preparation of allergy serum for sublingual drops? This clinic has been billing 95199 for the preparation of the drops and the patient self-paying...
  4. P

    Allergy/Immunotherapy- Office Visits with Allergy Injections and Modifier 25

    Good afternoon, 1. If a patient is coming in for a pre-scheduled allergy injection 95115, 95165 only is a 99212 appropriate? 2. If a patient comes in for a 99212,95117, 95165 and a modifier 25 is put on the claim is this correct? 3. Chief compliant says Allergy Injection 4. If Asthma...
  5. 0

    Outpatient Allergy shots........................

    I have had this question sent to me -- What cpt code do you think is appropriate for an outpatient allergy shot CPT 95115 for one and 95117 for two or CPT code 95120 one shot and 95125 two shot? Actually what is the difference? I’m a little confuse.
  6. AmandaRains

    Clearinghouse confusion

    I have been asked to bill allergy claims for a group that has 4 different companies with clinics in different states. They want me to bill under their information/networks and have reimbursement submitted from payor directly to them. Networking with Clearinghouses is becoming an absolute...
  7. C

    Allergy to Lidocaine testing

    I believe that I use 95018 for the drug allergy testing and list the number of tests performed. The doctor believes it is acceptable to bill 95180 with a time unit because the testing was done of a period of time with increasing dosages of Lidocaine. Finally, he ordered 2mg of Lidocaine for the...
  8. C

    Wiki milk protein intolerance ICD-10

    Please help with this ICD-10 code for milk protein intolerance - I got Z91.011- however the provider doesn't agree with this. He said "None of those truly fit as milk protein intolerance is not an allergy to milk" the more concerning is the inflammatory reaction/bleeding that happens with the...