1. C

    Wiki Fee for ACL reconstruction allograft

    Our ASC facility wants to determine UCR reimbursement for the allograft material used in ACL reconstruction (coded with C1762), separate from the reimbursement for the actual reconstruction work coded by CPT 29888. How can I determine the reimbursement rate? Thank you!
  2. J

    Wiki Billing for Regenerative Amniotic Allograft

    Is anyone out there billing for Regenerative Amniotic Allograft, aka Stem Cell Injections? I know there is no CPT code as procedure is currently billed with Q code. NO LCD. I'm working for a physician who is about to do this. What has been your experience is receiving payment or dealing...
  3. ahalle

    Wiki Allogenic Bone Graft CPT needed

    I need some help, my doctor is asking for me to add a code for the bone graft on this arthrodesis, and my question is, is there a allogenic bone graft code for this? I looked at 20900 but it sounds like it is for a autograft harvesting which wasn't done. I already have the bone marrow code so...
  4. S

    Wiki Elbow Interspositional Arthroplasty

    Does anyone have information on this procedure they can pass on to me? Is there a CPT for this or do we have to use unlisted 24999? The provider lists the procedure as "Left elbow biologic resurfacing (interpositional arthroplasty)". I was looking at 24360 (arthoplasty, elbow; with membrane)...
  5. C

    Wiki Surgery for Medial Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy w/allograft-Please help

    What codes would be used to bill what the provider has described as a Medial Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy w/allograft interposition and a plate? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks
  6. K

    Wiki Chevron olecranon osteotomy and trochlear osteochondral allograft

    I am struggling with coding this olecranon case. I was expecting olecranon to be a part of the ulna... but the op report describes work in the region of the triceps so I am wondering if I am supposed to be interpreting this as part of the humerus? Once I get my geography straight, I still cant...
  7. C

    Wiki Regenerative Medicine - PRP/Allograft

    Hello All, Thanks in advance for any feedback! I am wondering what your experience has been regarding whether or not it is appropriate to charge a patient for regenerative medicine, eg: PRP, allograft while charging the insurance for the procedure which is typically a facet injection. I need...
  8. L

    Wiki 20936????? laminectomy

    Help! I have a surgeon who insists on coding a 20936 (autograft) when he mixes together beta tricalcium phosphate (allograft), with bone marrow aspirated from the patient. Has anybody else ever heard of this? I believe this should be coded as a straight allograft 20930 and bone marrow...
  9. C

    Wiki Billing for ACL Allograft

    What revenue code/CPT combination should be used when the ASC is billing for the ACL allograft? Should 812 be used or 278?