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    Wiki Bowel resection with anastomosis

    My General surgery providers want to know if they perform bowel resection with anastomosis, is it separately billable. One surgeon did the resection, and other surgeon did the anastomosis. Should this be billed as an assisting surgeon, or can it be billed separately? Is there a CPT code for...
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    Wiki CPT for LVSEA?

    Surgeon did a lymphaticovenous end-to-end anastomosis (axilla). Although I found tons of information about a procedure, I cannot locate a CPT for it. Would 30308 would be correct, because it says "other operations on lymphatic channels"? here's portion from op report: "We located an obstructed...
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    Wiki anastomosis

    If a patient has an ostomy closure , and it stated the small bowel to colon anastomosis , is it 44620, 44625 ,or 44626? Please help, not understanding this ?
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    Wiki Low anterior resection, end closure & colostomy. (no anastamosis)

    I have an open procedure to code. A total mesorectal excision (low anterior resection) was done for rectal cancer, this included part of the sigmoid colon. The colon was brought out thru the stoma hole & the colostomy appliance applied. I need help with coding this procedure. The closest code I...
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    Wiki Exploratory laparotomy and gastrojejunal bypass with braun anastomosis

    I am needing help please with the cpt codes for the above procedures. My guess is cpt code 44310 and 43820? Here is the op note. If anyone has any suggestions please? Identifying the ligament of Treitz, a loop of jejunum was obtained as proximally as possible to create a tension-free...
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    Wiki laparoscopic prostatectomy with open anastomosis

    Hello all, i have this patient who had laparoscopic prostatectomy with PLND...... anastomosis between urethra and bladder neck trails failed due to narrow pelvis, so open anastomosis was performed ..... how should i code this? i know that laparoscopic prostatectomy code is 55866, i was...