Exploratory laparotomy and gastrojejunal bypass with braun anastomosis


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I am needing help please with the cpt codes for the above procedures. My guess is cpt code 44310 and 43820?
Here is the op note. If anyone has any suggestions please?
Identifying the ligament of Treitz, a loop of jejunum was obtained as proximally as possible to create a
tension-free anastomosis. This was approximately 20-30 cm from the ligament of Treitz
and brought up to the stomach. After identifying the appropriate loop as well as site for
anastomosis along to the lower portion of the greater curvature, the gastrocolic ligament
was incised ensuring to maintain meticulous hemostasis. After freeing up an 8 cm
segment of greater curvature and obtaining our loop of jejunum, our gastrojejunal
anastomosis was performed. This was done by placing stay sutures with 3-0 silk sutures
followed by a blue load GIA 55 stapler. After performing the anastomosis, the anterior
suture line was inspected which appeared to be hemostatic and in good condition. The
entry point of the stapler was then closed using a TA stapler. The suture line on the
anterior wall was then buried in 3-0 silk Lembert size sutures. Attention was then turned
to the Braun anastomosis. This is a jejunojejunal anastomosis which was performed
approximately 10 cm distal to the gastrojejunal anastomosis. Stay sutures were placed,
posterior wall sutured using 3-0 silk sutures. Using a blue load GIA 55 stapler,
anastomosis was created. The entry point for the staples were closed using a TA stapler
and suture line was buried using 3-0 silk Lembert stitches. After ensuring that the
interior of the staple line appeared to be in good condition and hemostatic. All
anastomoses were inspected. A nice tension-free anastomosis had been created