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    Lap partial cecetomy w/o anastomosis & appy

    I wanted to code this 44204-52 but the doctor wants to only bill the appy (doctor: as it was just a staple line across the cecum, higher than you usually do an appendectomy alone so trickier to do but not a formal bowel resection with anastomosis. It is a lot closer to an appendectomy than a...
  2. L

    Modifier XS

    Should we be using modifier XS when an outpatient is receiving--for example--and IVP and also IM/SQ injection(s)? Should it be used on the injection(s) and each injection on a separate line?
  3. B

    Multiple PQRS codes for same case?

    Can 3260F and 3250F appear on the same case? I'm a coder, not a biller, so I'm not sure who this would get billed out line by line. For example, a breast cancer case includes the mastectomy and 3 sentinel nodes for 88307 X 4. The mastectomy documentation qualifies for 3260F, however the...
  4. C

    What Anesthesia CPT to bill for A Central Line Placement Surgery CPT 36558

    Hello, any suggestions on what anesthesia CPT to bill when the surgeon is performing only a tunneled jugular central line placement CPT 36558? In 2009, the crosswalk use to be to bill 00532 anest for central venous circulation, but this no longer crosswalks from CPT 36558. Can I still use...
  5. M

    Home Visits performed by NP

    We are looking at performing in-home assessments by a NP for our ACA-Exchange members and MAPD members. They will perform a detailed exam, Comprehensive History, and Straightforward or low medical decison making. We are struggling on what CPT/HCPCs could be used for each product line, that is...
  6. V

    CC versus HPI

    Hi, It is acceptable to have the NOTES of HPI in the Chief Complaint (s) line? and leave the HPI line BLANK? Thank you, IM
  7. C

    Exploratory laparotomy and gastrojejunal bypass with braun anastomosis

    I am needing help please with the cpt codes for the above procedures. My guess is cpt code 44310 and 43820? Here is the op note. If anyone has any suggestions please? Identifying the ligament of Treitz, a loop of jejunum was obtained as proximally as possible to create a tension-free...
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    Canceled LHC, coded as Central Line Placement Thoughts?

    I would like you thoughts regarding this op report. the staff have charged/coded this as a central line placement. The patient was brought into lab for a cath, physician canceled cath. A standard 6 French sheath was inserted (no other supply) into femoral vein for IV fluids and dopamine. This...
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    Billing Medical Supervision for CRNAs - NOT Medical Direction

    We're having quite the discussion in our office over proper use of anesthesia modifiers for billing CRNAs practicing without medical direction but with medical supervision. We are in a state that did not opt out of the medical supervision requirement for CRNAs. There are two lines of thought...
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    JW mod for KS

    Our office is trying Botox therapy, and we are trying to determine if the JW is used in KS? If not - do you go ahead and bill a used line and a waste line? Thanks, Cyndi
  11. J

    what would be the CPT code for removal of PICC line in community setting

    Per my interpretation of the guidelines removal of a picc line is billed based on the E&M code as when submitted with a code of 36590 it was denied. Is this incorrect and if so what would be the code.