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    Wiki Medicare

    Hello, I'm in Michigan and a lot of the schedulers at the office I'm at have been scheduling Medicare annual visits too early...Medicare has to be 366 days after the last physical, correct? Now what about lab work. We have patient's who leave for Florida and like to get their annual lab work...
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    Wiki Medicare denying G0444

    I'm in Michigan and when we do a Medicare Annual Wellness Exam, we always bill G0444-59 for reporting purposes when eligible. For some reason Medicare has denied it with CO-236 This procedure or procedure/modifier combination is not compatible with another procedure or procedure/modifier...
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    Wiki Annual Exam

    I work for an outpatient OB/GYN Center. Most of our patients are Medicaid patients. If a patient had a preventive visit last year but pap was not due, can I code a preventative visit this year if the PAP was done? My providers are telling me Medicaid will only allow a preventive visit every 2...
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    Wiki GYN Medicare Annual Codes

    I need help with determining which codes are to be used with GYN Annual Exams. Q0091, G0101 are both currently being used if conducted, but My office manager and I are having a debate as to which of the two codes should be used: G0439 or 99396-99397. Could someone help us.
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    Wiki Annual visits

    Good Afternoon, I am new the ob coding area. I have a provider who is doing the annual woman exam and does not do a ROS. Is this required for the ob visits? She does bill 993** codes. Thanks in advance.