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    Wiki I've been reading the forums and I have a few questions. -Tampa

    Hello My name is Dylan and I'm new to the medical field. I've been reading on these forums since I singed up for my course at the end of May. I opted to get the whole package since I had no previous experience. I picked up a position in the front office of an urgent care, because it was shown to...
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    Wiki Simple prostatectomy code?? Please help!

    What would the code for a simple laparoscopic prostatectomy be?? When I've researched it I can't find much. What I did find seems to say that you would bill an unlisted code?? I'm really not sure what else it would be. Anyone have any advice?? I'm being asked what to use by one of our providers...
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    Wiki ICD- 10 Clasrification

    ICD- 10 Clarification Hi Can any one reply the answer for right atrial mass ICD 10 code?
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    Wiki Coding of unknown primary neoplasm site

    Hi! Need a quick answer before my class tomorrow. In the below case, would you still code an unknown primary site? Metastasis to Zuckerkandl's organ. The answer in the text book provided for the unknown primary site, despite having no mention of the primary site. Can you help me come up...
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    Wiki Screening tests for skin cancer

    Are there any CPT or HCPCS codes specifically for the screening of skin cancers? I think I know the answer but I want to be sure.
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    Wiki Need Some From My Fellow Coders!!!

    I recently to an exam for a coding job and had the following question: What is the level of HISTORY represented by 4 HPI items, 8 systems on ROS, and 0 PFSH? I have never been strong in E&M coding.... will some please provide with me with the answer? and explain the answer? By the way I...
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    Wiki Cpt 20931

    My doctor wants to charge 20931, structural allograft, twice. I thought this can only be charged once. Anyone know the answer?
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    Wiki Tobacco Use and J Codes

    I have one provider whom when I ask if it is tobacco use or tobacco dependence he tells me that this should be the CMAs responsibility-he never gives me an answer. When I asked his CMA, she told me that they know he is a tobacco user but have only seen him for quick visits. What templates are...