1. KStaten

    Wiki New Forum Feature Suggestion- AAPC Expert Interaction in Forum

    Hello, Everyone! :) I have been reviewing some of our posts on here and the thought occurred me to that many times, we are struggling to find solutions to our answers. Many questions either go unresolved, receive contradictive answers, or simply fade into the gray area. Now, that doesn't mean...
  2. A

    Wiki Need help with homework

    Having a difficult time with homework with coding from my ICD-10-CM code book. Looking for help to see if some of my answers are correct. Message if you can help me please and thanks
  3. R

    Wiki ICD-10 CM Assessment Test

    Dear All, Today i appeared for ICD-10 CM assessment and i cleared it with 70 out of 75. But i want to know the wrong answers. Is there any way to know the wrong answers. Thanks Ravi
  4. A

    Wiki Supply Coding

    Hello, I'm very new to this list as I just found it today. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there with experience in coding for supplies. I'm looking for information on how to code for Synvisc. I've come up w/ a few answers and am not sure which Medicare will allow. Any help is...