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    Depression and Anxiety Screenings (96127)

    Do you charge for screenings for anxiety and depression (96127X2) if they are done during every psych visit (99202-99205 or 99212-99215)? I feel that these would be part of the E/M since they are done on every patient in the psych clinic, but I was wondering what views others had.
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    Anxiety attack

    What code would you assign for a DX of Anxiety Attack? I have tried using the 3M pathway but there is no option for "attack" when indexing Anxiety. Please help- thanks
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    Pre Op Injection Administration

    I am an auditor and have a hospital who wants to charge administration for Pre-Op IVP Versed (96374). I have explained that this would be considered part of the facility's Global Surgical Package as anesthesia writes for the medication when they begin to prep their patient for the operating...
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    Wiki Alcohol abuse/anxiety disorder

    I have a case where the patient has alcohol abuse, PTSD, anxiety disorder, among others. My question is, would I link the alcohol abuse with these conditions such as anxiety disorder? They are not linked anywhere in the documentation but by the new guidelines of "with" they would be linked...
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    Wiki Pre-Procedural Anxiety DX for Spinal Injections

    I code for a couple of anesthesiologists in a Pain Management practice who use sedation during epidural steroid injections, radiofrequencies, nerve root blocks, etc. to ensure that the patient's anxiety does not prevent them from correctly placing needles into the patient's spine. In order to...
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    Billing for IV Push in Preop/Recovery

    If there is anyone who codes for ambulatory surgery I am having a problem. I have been told that when drugs are administered by our nurses in preop or recovery for anxiety or for pain control that the drug can be billed but not the administration of it. Does anyone know?