Depression and Anxiety Screenings (96127)


Laharpe, IL
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Do you charge for screenings for anxiety and depression (96127X2) if they are done during every psych visit (99202-99205 or 99212-99215)? I feel that these would be part of the E/M since they are done on every patient in the psych clinic, but I was wondering what views others had.
That's a good questionn. It seems to me that each session after the first one would be like a follow-up? They are done on every session, only to see the results of the previous one and to evaluate what to do next right?
We can bill for every 90 days..that means..its quarterly and 4 units per year. Bill this with modifier 59 with enm visit
So if a patient is diagnosed with depression and we are doing the PHQ-9 as a guide to see how the medication is working, we are able to use the 96127 with the depression diagnosis up to 4 times per year?