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    Can anyone tell me if the "A" will fall off automatically after having your certification for so long?
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    I want to apprentice under hospital coder

    Hi! I live in Orange County, CA. I've really been wanting to become a stronger coder and I would love to sit and learn from a hospital coder. I'd love to work for a hospital but they require so many years under the belt. I'm willing to pick up the workload for free in exchange for an extended...
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    Remote Coding Job for Apprentice?

    Hello Fellow Coders! I am a CPC-A, still no experience. Base on your experience. Is it possible to get a remote coding job when you do not have experience? Thank you in advance!
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    Don't buy Praticode

    Don't buy practicode!!! It's a joke!!! I am really good about "self teaching" myself. If given the correct answer I can usually figure out where I went wrong. However with practicode this is NOT the case. Within the cases they do not give you all the information you need to code correctly. For...
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    Documenting Coding Experience

    I'm a recently certified coder. The practice that I work for has chosen to have me assist in their coding. My question is how should I go about reporting my upcoming work experience to AAPC so that I can have my "apprentice" tag removed? I was thinking I'd just get the head of the practice to...