1. T

    Resident Assist Billing

    Hello All, John Smith University is a teaching facility whose billing educators have directed the coding department that they can and should bill separately for resident surgeons/assists, on procedures that are eligible for assistant surgical charges, for commercial and self pay patients only...
  2. D


    Do you offer a small credit line account? I really need 2 get my ICD 10 books & instruction to learn & practice o.j.t but need them asap. I could pay them off in about 30 days. Can anyone assist or inform? I really think it would be a great idea. Thanks, Marilyn Bond ?
  3. Candice_Fenildo

    Nurse Practitioners

    Could anyone give me some insight on billing for Nurse Practitioners and documentation guidelines. 1. Are the physicians in the practice required to sign off on all of the NPs dictation? 2. Can our Nurse Practitioner be a 1st assist in the Operting Room?