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Port Saint Lucie, FL
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Could anyone give me some insight on billing for Nurse Practitioners and documentation guidelines.

1. Are the physicians in the practice required to sign off on all of the NPs dictation?

2. Can our Nurse Practitioner be a 1st assist in the Operting Room?
This might not be of much help, but I'll give you my course of action if I were in your shoes.

Check state licensing laws for the scope of practice issues. The coding systems allow us to code asst. surgeon and so on for whomever that individual may be, but it is state law that dictates the scope of practice for these physician extendors.

Likewise, with your question on the signatures. Some states require things completely different than a neighboring state. In KY we are permitted to use the NP as Asst. @ Surg. and she will not require the signature of a physician, as she can technically run her own business here. However, your state may be quite different--as I know California and Oregen are quite different with their NPPs.

Hope this helps some.