1. D

    99211 - nurses without license

    Is it possible for a nurse without a license to report code 99211? The nurse graduated from a foreign school.
  2. J

    Local Risk Adjustment Opportunity for RNs in Treasure Coast

    Are you, or do you know of, a Registered RN who may be interested in a career change? If you said yes, let me introduce you to Risk Adjustment Coding!!! The local UHG/Wellmed office is hiring for a Clinical Coding Nurse Consultant (CCNC) in the Treasure Coast. In this role, they will educate...
  3. M

    Billing for RN services with no supervising provider in the office

    I work in an outpatient medical and mental health clinic with 2 locations. My location is mainly admin staff and social workers. We do have an ANP and an RN at this location, but the ANP is moving his office to our other location. The problem is that the nurse wants to remain here and continue...
  4. M

    Precipitous Nurse Delivery

    I need some written documentation on if the MD can bill for a precipitous nurse delivery. We have trouble with our hospital not calling the MD in time for the delivery and the nurse delivers. Nurse delivers patient, clamps & cuts cord and baby is in warmer prior to MD arrival to the room. We...
  5. J

    Nurse Coder in Orlando

  6. T

    Pre-Op Visit for Screening Colonoscopy

    My director wants to bill for preop visit for patients who are coming in for screening colonoscopies. Instead of the nurse doing the H&P over the phone, the patient would come in and see the nurse practitioner. Could we bill a low level E&M code for this?
  7. K

    Billing out E&M level for Nurse Educator

    We are questioning if our Nurse Educator can bill out 99214 if she is not doing the Exam component and she would only be one area of the MDM. She is spending 45-60 minutes with each patient. Thank you
  8. B


    Can you bill this in podiatry office for measuring for diabetic shoes? podiatrist orders for DM patient to have diabetic shoes. pt comes in for measurement doctor is on site. nurse does evaluation of feet to see about appropriate diabetic shoes. can nurse bill 99211 for this service because of...
  9. T

    99211 hep c patient visit

    Can the nurse charge 99211 for established patients each time they come in for accessment and then sent off to lab for blood test? The lab is outside lab but patients come every so often see the nurse first.
  10. M

    Seeking entry level position to gain enough experience SO I CAN CERTIFY!!!! RN for 25

    MARGARET KATHLEEN SOFFOS 7 Pine Tree Road, Cabot, AR 72023 SUMMARY: Seasoned RN with more than 30 years of experience in fast-paced acute care setting. Now disabled and seeking a position in Health Information Management. I have recently completed courses in CPT, ICD9 and ICD 10...
  11. T

    Facility charging ED critical care discharge to hospice

    we have pt who came from outside nursing home to ED S/P fall. DX subdural hematoma, trach was suctioned, extended neuro eval done by nurse, bedside radiology done by nurse, PT came did blow by oxygen. PT was a DNR, from a facility charging stand point time in care was over 30 minutes can we...
  12. S

    99144 in an ASC

    My pain management doctor frequently performs procedures at an ASC and provides sedation (99144). However, I read a Q&A article in the September issue of Medicare Part B news ( that stated pain management doctors should not bill for...
  13. G

    E & M injections only

    Patient comes in for an injection performed by the nurse are we able to bill 99211
  14. C

    Nurse Removing Skin Tags

    I have a strange situation that I could use some guidance on. Recently our office has been discussing skin tag removals and who can perform them. According to the Coders' Desk Reference for Procedures, 11200 - 11201 states "The physician removes skin tag lesions.....The physician removes the...
  15. jshields

    Inhaler Instruction/Demo

    How does everyone bill for Inhaler Instruction/Demonstration? Can this be performed by the nurse? Any feed back with code 94664? Any billing reimbursement issues? Thanks!!
  16. jshields

    Inhaler Demo/Instruction

    How does everyone bill for Inhaler Instruction/Demonstration? Can this be performed by the nurse? Any feed back with code 94664? Any billing reimbursement issues? Thanks!!
  17. A

    Nurse Practitioner's and Students

    :eek: Can a Nurse Practitioner act as a supervising provider for medical students? Can an NP act as a supervising provider for NP students? Can anyone give me a link to this in writing either on the CMS website or the Trailblazer Health website (our local Medicare FI). Any help would be...
  18. Candice_Fenildo

    Nurse Practitioners

    Could anyone give me some insight on billing for Nurse Practitioners and documentation guidelines. 1. Are the physicians in the practice required to sign off on all of the NPs dictation? 2. Can our Nurse Practitioner be a 1st assist in the Operting Room?