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Can a Nurse Practitioner act as a supervising provider for medical students? Can an NP act as a supervising provider for NP students?

Can anyone give me a link to this in writing either on the CMS website or the Trailblazer Health website (our local Medicare FI).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Angela N. Andersen, CPC
The answer to your question depends on the service being performed. Check IOM 100-04, Ch 12, Sec 100. That gives a general idea as to what level of supervision is required for teaching.

Hope that helps!!:)
Thank you! I did get a little bit clearer answer from that manual.

And the services I was talking about are in a family practice. A nurse student is in clinic seeing patients and being supervised by an NP...and I want to know if she can do so or if the student needs to be supervised by a physician.

Again, thanks for the information!!