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    Wiki Incident-to

    For incident-to, would you bill an APP's services under the physician who started the patient's treatment plan, or under the supervising physician who is available in the office at the time of services. Thank you!
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    Wiki Billing for RN services with no supervising provider in the office

    I work in an outpatient medical and mental health clinic with 2 locations. My location is mainly admin staff and social workers. We do have an ANP and an RN at this location, but the ANP is moving his office to our other location. The problem is that the nurse wants to remain here and continue...
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    Wiki Supervising Physician Requirements with Regards to Billing

    Hello, I am new to the billing/coding world. I've been coding and billing for workers compensation and have some questions. I work for an urgent care in CA with 1 supervising physician and many NP/PA/Locum providers. When billing, the 1500 has the supervising physicians name/NPI in box 17. He...
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    Wiki physician assistant as referring or use her supervising physician for audiology

    Requesting some help on physician assistant billing and compliance. The physician assistant is filing under her own information for a evaluation and management visit because her supervising physician is out of the office. She sees a new patient and determines they need audiological testing. The...
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    Wiki Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinic Incident-to Billing?

    Question: For a walk-in/urgent care clinic, the rendering provider is a PA and there is a physician on site that is the supervising physician. The claim is billed out under PA rendering and Doc supervising. The supervising doc does electronically sign the note, but the supervising doc is not...
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    Wiki Nurse Practitioner's and Students

    :eek: Can a Nurse Practitioner act as a supervising provider for medical students? Can an NP act as a supervising provider for NP students? Can anyone give me a link to this in writing either on the CMS website or the Trailblazer Health website (our local Medicare FI). Any help would be...