1. KStaten

    Billing X-Rays Separately

    If a NEW patient is seen by a PA or NP in an outpatient setting and x-rays are performed at the office (facility owns the equipment), and the PA or NP completes the HPI, exam, plan of care, etc, but the physician reviews/ dictates the x-rays, A) Can the x-rays be billed separately under the...
  2. R

    CPT Checklist

    Hi all, I've been looking for some sort of coding checklist that I might be able to give to my Physicians. For example a document that nudges them to use the correct verbage when dictating i.e. if we do a fistulagram with PTA what CPT codes does this entail, so they can go through their...
  3. R

    Carefirst denial of codes 11422 and 11426

    Recently we have had claims denied for payment of Excision of benign lesions 11400 series. Dictation has been specific in documenting size and area of lesions. We are an ASC facility and these are ASC procedures. Has anyone else been denied payment for these procedures? or is Carefirst just...
  4. Candice_Fenildo

    Nurse Practitioners

    Could anyone give me some insight on billing for Nurse Practitioners and documentation guidelines. 1. Are the physicians in the practice required to sign off on all of the NPs dictation? 2. Can our Nurse Practitioner be a 1st assist in the Operting Room?