Billing X-Rays Separately


Charleston, West Virginia
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If a NEW patient is seen by a PA or NP in an outpatient setting and x-rays are performed at the office (facility owns the equipment), and the PA or NP completes the HPI, exam, plan of care, etc, but the physician reviews/ dictates the x-rays,
A) Can the x-rays be billed separately under the doctor?

If so...
B ) Can the x-ray dictation be in the same encounter note as the PA or NP or does it need to be in a completely separate document/report?
C ) What is the time limit on when the x-ray dictation must be documented? Same day? etc.

Thank you in advance.
A) Yes, the supervising physician or a radiologist can bill separately for the xrays.
B) I would assume the PA would review the xray as well and/or dictate the findings.
C) 24-72 hours? If your office has a specific policy about documentation turn around, go by that. But obviously you cannot bill out until the report is completed