1. E

    Wiki Why was I marked wrong? (Practicode Case ID: OPD7424)

    The relevant documentation: Why isn't the chest X-ray coded? Shouldn't "The X-rays were interpreted by the radiologist and contemporaneously by me" indicate that it should also be coded for the physician reporting it here?
  2. E

    Wiki Why was I marked wrong? (Practicode Case ID: OPD7259)

    The documentation: Why aren't the external cause codes reported here? Why isn't the 80 mg propofol (Diprivan) injection reported? And why isn't the X-ray reported? There's no mention of it being provided by anyone other than the reporting physician.
  3. KStaten

    Wiki Billing X-Rays Separately

    If a NEW patient is seen by a PA or NP in an outpatient setting and x-rays are performed at the office (facility owns the equipment), and the PA or NP completes the HPI, exam, plan of care, etc, but the physician reviews/ dictates the x-rays, A) Can the x-rays be billed separately under the...
  4. C

    Wiki Post-reduction x-rays

    Can someone please tell me if I can bill for pre- and post-reduction x-rays in the ER? I have recently been told that we can't bill for x-rays if there is not a radiology report. For example, a kid comes to the ER and has an obvious right forearm deformity after falling off his skateboard and...
  5. dpopik@verizon.net

    Wiki OMS coding for xrays

    I work at an oral surgeons office and our Implant procedures require multiple X-rays over a period of treatment. Our Dr.s are interested in grouping the X-rays together under one code for one fee. Is this possible? I'm very skeptical. If it is, which code is applicable?
  6. T

    Wiki X-ray Date of Service?

    What date of service do you use when physician owns x-ray equipment and take an x-ray but does not read the x-ray until a month later?
  7. H

    Wiki Documentation requirements when billing TC portion only of radiology exams

    Can anyone direct me to established documentation requirements when billing the technical portion only of a radiology exam? I am working with several clinics who perform x-rays in the office that are then sent out to be read. The images are not housed in the EMR and coders are having a...
  8. B

    Wiki Radiology - I am interested in finding

    I am interested in finding out what the norm or best practice is for comparison x-rays.
  9. M

    Wiki Fracture Care followup specifics

    I've clashed w/my boss on the specifics of whether or not followup X-rays are included in the followup 90 day global for this radius w/ulnar fracture w/closed treatment, I'm using code 25560, no manipulation, with casting. Need to know if the followup x-rays can be billed separately (please...
  10. D

    Wiki Performing an IME and Taking x-rays

    My doctor, in Nevada, has just recently started performing IME's and usually takes x-rays when doing so. Is there a modifier that needs to be used for those x-rays?